Respite Accommodation Gold Coast

Sharing care duties, gaining self-support. Like the Gold Coast’s waves, find balance in nurturing both you and caregivers.

Respite Accommodation Gold Coast - Playground in backyard

Full Inclusive Respite Accommodation Gold Coast

Mobility Accessible

In the rhythm of life, we all yearn for a pause. A short-term escape, nestled on the captivating Coomera, Gold Coast, offers you and your caregiver a chance to unwind and recharge. At GFSS, our Short Term Accommodation (STA) services serve as the gateway to novel experiences and meaningful connections with new faces.

Respite, a brief interlude from the ordinary, finds its place in the heart of the Gold Coast. It’s your chance to temporarily step away from the familiar and immerse yourself in a different ambiance.

To aid you and your devoted caregivers, Short Term Accommodation funds stand ready. They provide the respite they deserve, fostering a sense of rejuvenation.

Yet, our STA services are more than the allure of a change in scenery. They encompass unwavering support that accompanies your stay. If the idea of this refreshing respite intrigues you, don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact us today to delve into the world of Short Term Accommodation (Respite) services, where the Gold Coast and renewal unite.

Our short term accommodation (STA) provides the following amenities;

  • Child and Youth STA/Respite Home
  • High Low Pressure mattress beds, hoists, flotation chair, shower chairs
  • Registered Nurse on Call
  • Emergency STA/Respite
  • Wheel Chair Accessible Bathroom
  • Host Transfers, 5 minutes from Theme Parks
  • Fully Trained Staff
  • Activities Focused
  • Food based on dietary requirements
  • Designed with sensory in the mind of a person living with a disability
  • 1:1 to 3:1 support, 24/7 support service staff
  • Sensory based with therapy dolls, sensory swing, soft play area and games room
goal focus support services staff profiles - Respite Services Team

High Quality Care and Respite Services Gold Coast

Our mission thrives in unity and diversity, as we shape an inclusive workforce. With a tapestry woven from various backgrounds, life stories, and abilities, we cultivate an enriched care and support experience. On the stunning Gold Coast, GFSS stands as a beacon of this commitment.

Amidst global challenges, safety remains paramount. GFSS takes proactive measures, weaving a COVID-safe haven that aligns with Government Guidelines. Through these meticulously crafted measures, we stand devoted to safeguarding all – participants, stakeholders, and staff – ensuring tranquility in uncertain times.

NDIS Code of Conduct

We meet the level of quality and safety stated in the NDIS Practice Standards. GFSS conduct services for participants as per the NDIS Code of Conduct.

Our Client Stories

Stephen Eaton
Stephen Eaton
I’ve been with Goal Focus Support Services for pretty much all of my NDIS life and they have helped, supported me with so much from the personal front, helped with getting to all my appointments plus assisted with getting things in my life that has made things more livable. I also didn’t really get out of the house much, having Donna and her team with me on a daily basis for over 2 years has allowed me a more enriched life of being able to get out of the house daily, catch up with friends regularly which has enabled me to expand my circle of friends as well as new activities that I am now doing weekly. Amazing provider!!!
Axa Tay
Axa Tay
The place looks amazing and fun for any child with a disability. It's in a nice location. I could tell as soon as we walked into Goal Focus STA that my son felt comfortable & loves the place but his seperation anxiety probably stops him from doing most things that he would usually do at home but I can not thank all the staff, especially Donna for being so understanding of my son Taylens needs aswell as being such a huge help whilst I was in getting surgery done. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/10 😁
Amazing setup and well presented. Welcoming staff that have a great vision for their clients.
Tania Tongia
Tania Tongia
I love how this awesome place caters for children of all needs. The play area is vibrant and inviting. The rooms are equipped with hospital like hi and low beds. There is a teens games room in the garage with great games to entertain anyone. Accessible bathroom for wheelchairs and entire house is set up for the comfort of those who come for a stay. Would highly recommend this house to anyone looking for respite for their children. Friendly and experienced staff with a boss who is absolutely wonderful to work with. Donna has put a lot of hard work and thought into creating this house for children to feel at home when they come to stay and equipped with all things to support and regulate their emotional needs. Have not seen anything like this before. Highly recommend that you come and have a tour.
Hasan M
Hasan M
Excellent respite care service provider. Donna and her team go the extra mile for their clients. Their respite accommodation premises are thoughtfully designed and maintained. Great job guys!

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